Special Issue, May 19 - 20, 2007
BAMS Foray
By Herman Brown, Greenville, CA
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(species list at the bottom of this page)

Over the weekend of May 19 - 20, Cecelia and I lead a small group of fellow BAMS (Bay Area Mycological Society) members on a fungus foray, using the Round Valley Lake Resort near Greenville, as a base. We were given permission by the owners to have the now-closed campground all to ourselves

For Cecelia and I, the weekend started on Friday afternoon, when we set up our tent so we could greet those arriving that day. We had decided to camp overnight  there even though it was only 3 miles from the house, mainly because we didn't want to miss anything.

The first to arrive after us were the organizers, David Rust and Debbie Viess, followed by Sandi and Hugh Smith.

I had been worried about the lack of mushrooms around the lake, but we did find a few Spring Kings in the campground, which encouraged me a bit. However, more scouting revealed no more than a few morels, which are usually rare anyway for the area, and a few Amanita aprica.

We talked them all into sharing dinner with us, so we all got to share some some gorgonzola-stuffed morels along with spaghetti with Italian sausage and porcini.

We might have opened a bottle of wine or two. I think there was a pie on the table.

The next morning we were joined by Bolek Kuznik and Larry Stickney, and Richard Lyons, who had come the night before but couldn't locate us in the dark.

It was decided we would to go to a higher elevation to hunt for morels, and maybe check the area around the lake when we got back, or on Sunday morning. I led  them all farther north to one of the spots I had just visited last week, which was a large area of old logging at around 5000 ft. that seemed to keep supplying us with a few natural morels every week. I showed them where I was going to pick on the other side of the road, and pointed to the areas on the side of the road where we parked, saying that we had not checked the hills there yet, but had found a few near the side of the road.

Right out of the car, Larry spotted a few morels in a fire ring along the side of the road and off they all went. I don't think they heard about the hill area, but seemed to be doing pretty good in the valley. They were soon joined by Sherri Scott, and after picking a batch of morels on the other side of the road, I checked the other side of the road along with the rest of the group, but didn't seem to be finding very many.

I was ready to take everyone to the next spot when David said that Debbie still seemed to be finding them up the hill a bit.

We all went in her direction as soon as she yelled, "They're everywhere!"

They were.

We picked and picked and picked, and then we picked some more.

It was getting close to my time for lunch, so when the fever finally subsided a bit, I convinced the group to go up to Domingo Spring for a lunch break and a drink of ice-cold spring water. I also wanted to show off more of the beautiful area and to see if any Calvatia sculpta had come up yet.

After lunch and the drink, I took them to my special Calvatia sculpta spot, where everyone viewed lots and collected a few, and then to a burn area across the road from where we parked.  We only found a few batches of morels there, but that fever came back again, and most went back to the previous spot to hunt for more morels. I was pretty tired, as was Larry, so he and I stayed back with Bolek, and we checked a few more spots before we left for the day. Bolek did much better than I.

That evening we had the Potluck Feast, enjoying Debbie's Beans with Ham and Candy Caps, David's Fire-Roasted Morels, Hugh's Cheese-Stuffed Fire-roasted Morels, Cecelia's Morels in a Cream Sauce over a Rice Medley, and Hugh's and Sherri's Fresh-Picked Cherries. The owners of the campground, Bob and Deanna Carter, joined us in the festivities, along with Mike Thomas, and Dimitar and Alex Bojantchev, who had just joined us.

We may have opened bottle of wine or two. I think there was a plum dessert in there somewhere.

On Sunday morning, I led some of the remaining few to the other side of the lake, to see if we could find any morels in an old logging area. We only found a few mushrooms, Larry saw a bear, Bolek didn't take a picture of it, and on the way back, Larry spotted some Spring Kings along the side of the road just about where I was going to park the car. We stopped there and found a few more. 

Both Sherri and Debbie also took pictures of some of the beautiful wildflowers they saw over the weekend. 

It was a great weekend, to say the least, and we also found some mushrooms.

Mushroom Species List, (from Debbie Viess) (I added the Cryptoporus and Sarcosphaera)

Amanita aprica
Amanita calyptroderma (spring version)
Amanita sp. (Section vaginata, thick warts, unnamed) 
Agaricus albolutescens
Agaricus sp. (small, yellowing, unnamed)
Agrocybe praecox
Boletus pinophilus
Bovista plumbea?
Calbovista subsculpta
Calvatia fumosa
Calvatia sculpta
Clitocybe albirhiza
Clitocybe squamulosa
Cortinarius glaucopus (group)
Cortinarius sp. (6)
Cryptoporus volvatus
Dermocybe sp.
Floccularia albolanaripes
Gomphidius glutinosus
Hygrophorus purpurascens
Hygrophorus subalpinus
Hypholoma capnoides
Kuehneromyces vernalis
Lycoperdon perlatum
Melanoleuca robertiana
Morchella elata/angusticeps/conica complex (natural or black morels)
Myxomphalia maura
Omphalina sp.
Pachylepyrium carbonicola
Pholiota highlandensis
Pholiota spumosa (complex)
Pluteus petasatus
Polyporus sp. ?
Psathyrella sp.
Ramaria rasilispora v. scatesiana (hello Kit, wherever you are!)
Rhizopogon sp.
Sarcosphaera crassa
Stropharia riparia
Tricholoma moseri
Tricholoma vernaticum
Tricholoma sp.

41 species identified.

Identifiers: Dimitar Bojantchev, Bolek Kuznik, Debbie Viess, Fred Stevens, Darvin DeShazer

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