Special Issue, October 6, 2010
By Herman Brown, Greenville, CA


On this day we went up to about 5200 ft. and found what I first IDed as a Tylopilus because of the reddish pores, but now know it was a Boletus edulis.

We found it in all the places we looked, mostly under or close to red fir, in various degrees of maturity. The first one I thought was an edulis, but  after I picked it, thought it was just another red-pored bolete with a reddish-brown cap. After I cut it, it saw it had white, non-bluing flesh.

The spore print was a dark reddish-brown, and the pore tubes were pink when we first ones we found.

It is a beautiful mushroom and not unpleasant to consume.

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First one

First one, over

First one, reticulations

First one, cut

Second one

Second one, over

A smaller one

A smaller one, removed

Two more on a stump

The first one, after I got a spore print