Special Issue
Pictures from Taro Narahashi

by Herman Brown


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Comment: I had recently received some mushroom pictures and a note from Taro Narahashi, asking me for the possible ID of the mushrooms. After looking over the subsequent photos he sent me soon after, I decided to make a page just to display some his pictures.

 - Herman Brown, 12/11/2008 (updated 12/07/10 to add page 2)

The pages will be updated as I receive more pictures.  Enjoy!

Click on any picture to see a larger image

At first glance I thought these could be Matsutakes

After viewing the pinkish gills, I decided they were probably a Hygrophorus of some kind 

A nice Boletus edulis

Cleaned and ready to take home
More edulis

Taro said his dog weighs 60 lbs

Cut detail of the big bluing mushroom
Ice crystals, about 3/4" wide
Frozen Mushrooms?

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