Thirty-third Issue, 2015
Published about twice a year from Greenville, California
by Herman Brown

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I had predicted the season would begin early, and it did, by almost a month. However, when the rainfall did not continue, the rest of the years was not very fruitful mushroom-wise.

But we did have a visit with David Arora, and he was able to view and indentify the yellow morels we had been seeing, which I thought were M, esculenta.

Findings,  March - October, 2015 (top

Wednesday, March 25, 2015:

On that day , we decided to go down the canyon to around 2500 ft., hopefully to get some pictures of wildflowers and/or mushrooms.

There wasn’t much too see except a few robins, a few Fritillaria recurva wildflowers, one unidentified black cup fungi, and a few morels, YES, a few but very tiny morels. 

It wasn’t until we got home and I enhanced one of the robin pictures, that I saw that there were more morels there than we had thought.

Check just below the robin in the first picture.

Robin and half-free morel
Robin and half-free morel (Morchella semilibra)
Fritillaria recurva
Fritillaria recurva
Morel 1
Tiny Morel 1 (M. elata?)
Another morel
Tiny Morel 2

April 09, 2015, 2500 ft:

On the next Thursday, we returned to the same area in hopes that we would find more morels, but did find one Ribbed Helvella.

Helvella acetabulum
Ribbed Helvella (Helvella acetabulum)
Not often seen here

Close-up of its side

April 13, 2015 4200 ft:

On Monday, we took a chance and went up to an area around 4400 ft, and were pleasantly surprised at what we saw.


Plicaria endocarpoides

Plicaria endocarpoides

Snow Plant

One of our favorites, Agaricus albolutecens

April 15, 2015. 4400 ft:

The next day we returned and found a few more morels, plus some of what looked like a Melanoleuca and a  Agaricus albolutecens


April 21, 2015, 4400 ft:

On Tuesday

Sarcosphaera crassa

An  orange jelly mushroom

April 24, 2015, 4400 ft:

Unknown coral mushroom

Travis Rubke

Gleophyllum sepiarium?

Gleophyllum sepiarium?

April 27, 2015, 4400 ft:

Gyromitra sp.

An aborted king boletus

April 28, 2015. 4400 ft:

More show plants

Buggy morel

Another buggy morel

Some yellowish morels

In the pan

May 21, 2015, 5000 ft:

On Thursday, we had a fun  visit with David Arora, and this time he was accompanied by his wonderful friend, Wendy.

The first place we checked had already been well picked over by some friends a few days before, but the next few spots were pretty good, our even finding the mysterious yellowish morels for David to ID as the Sierra blond morel.

David at work

Wendy with large Calvobovista subsculpta

Bleeding Heart wildflowers

June 23, 2015. 5100 ft: 

There we found lots of the red-capped butter boletes, as well as a few Calvatia sculpta.

October 18. 2015. 4400 ft:


Oyster Mushrooms

Pholiota sp.

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