Special Issue
Treasures from Banks, OR 
Fall, 2004

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From the Geigers, November 13:  

I got back from my Hunting trip to Eastern Oregon. The Elk are safe from me for another year.  Did see a lot of cows and calves. All of the Mushrooms I saw were frozen solid.

Here are some pictures which I would ID as Hydnum repandum, Hedgehog Mushroom.  I found a troop of them in a Tamarack swamp.  Did not have a camera with me in the woods so had to wait till I got back to camp to take the pictures.  Some breakage happened.

Saw a few other small red topped ones with white gills, but did not get pictures. Squirrels loved them.  Lot of little brown mushrooms.

From me: 

Looks like one to me!

From the Geigers, November 13:  

These are what I think are Fluted Black Elfin Saddle (Helvella lacunosa).

Found them when we were picking the Chanterelles.


From me: 

You are correct again.

From the Geigers, November 13:  

Today's harvest of Chanterelles, plus one Lobster.

The Lobster was full of maggots or something, so Rebecca decided to toss it.

This is a picture of what "I think" might be a Zeller's Bolete (Boletus zelleri).

It is also the mushroom on the left in the other picture.

The one on the right and the other picture fits a fat jack (Suillus caerulescens).

The Bolete stains blue and the Fat Jack stains brown.

Rebecca saw some puny dried up looking Chanterelles at a store today for 15 dollars a pound.

From me: 

I think you are correct for both.

From the Geigers, November 13:  

Both pictures are of the same mushroom. I dug it up today. There was a rotten tap root that broke off when I dug it up. The base has started to collapse, most likely near its life cycle.

Rebecca added a bit of Sake to the Chanterelles. I like them with just butter or the Sake. Not much difference to me.

We got the Elvin Saddles popping up in our lawn also. The pictures were all taken in the woods and later I saw three in the lawn. The one picture of the grey one makes a good wall paper picture.

The last picture is a close-up of a Pseudoscorpion on a Chanterelle.

From me: 

The Amanita sounds more like the A smithiana now.

The blue-green mushroom looks like a Clitocybe odora var. pacificus.  It should have had the distinctive but pleasant odor of anise.

From the Geigers, November 19:

I called this one a White Elfin Saddle.

From me: 

I think you are correct again.  It looks like it could be the Helvella crispa.

From the Geigers, November 20: 

Took this picture yesterday.  Some sort of Amanita.


From me:  

Looks like an Amanita pantherina from here.

Gorgeous but deadly!

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