Special Issue, October 6 and 8, 2010
At 5200 ft.
By Herman Brown, Greenville, CA



October 6 | October 8

On October 6 and 8,  we went up to about 5200 ft. and found lots of different species again.

On the 6th, the first mushrooms we found a few Boletus edulis.

The other mushrooms at that spot included a rosette of Phaeolus schweinitzii and some Boletus edulis.

We the went to a campground near the lake, and found more edulis, plus the usual bunch  of various Russulas.

On the Buck's Lake loop trail at the north end of the lake, we saw lots more mushrooms than the last time we were there just a week ago, including more B. edulis, Gastoboletus, Ramaria, Ganoderma, Russula, Chroogomphus, Suillus, Albatrellus, and a few other Boletes.

Below are several of the pictures taken:

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Boletus edulis
Notice the pinkish pore tubes

Sliced open

Phaeolus schweinitzii on stump

Two more edulis

Small Ganoderma oregonense

Ramaria rasilispora

Gastroboletus amyloideus, broken open

Russula sp. and Boletus zelleri  

Suillus tomentosus
Suillus over, with Chroogomphus rutilus

Albatrellus ovinus

Albatrellus underside

Salmon spawning 

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