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Breitenbush Wild Mushroom Conference 
October 23-26, 2003
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We unfortunately didn't make it to Breitenbush this year, and it looks like, from seeing the pictures sent to me by Patrice Benson, Vice President, Puget Sound Mycological Society, The Stuntz Foundation, and the conference coordinator, they all did pretty good with their collections and everyone looked like they had a great time.  

Click HERE to see a slide show of Patrice's pictures of the event.

The following had previously been sent to me as a supplement to the announcement for the 2003 Mushroom Conference:

Mushroom and Mushrooming Tips
Since many of you are mushrooming for the first time, I am enclosing some tips for beginning mushroom hunters. 

Sturdy hiking boots or sturdy shoes or rainproof boots will assure comfort and warmth in our sometimes rainy Northwest autumn weather. Bring a basket, bucket or other rigid container to collect mushrooms for identification or cooking. A few sheets of aluminum foil or wax paper bags (remember these?) are great for keeping mushroom specimens in good shape for identification.

Also, a sharp knife (pack this into check-in luggage for those flying) whistle, and compass are essential for real mushroom hunting! Rain gear will keep you comfortable in case of our famous rainy weather. If you bring rain gear, this will ensure good weather. The amount of precipitation is inversely proportional to the amount of rain gear present.

Bring layers of clothing for adjusting to unpredictable warm or cold weather. I remember last fall, sitting in the sunshine on the lawn in front of the lodge at Breitenbush during one of the delicious lunches. I also remember trying to find mushrooms in the snow about 5 years ago during this conference!

We will be providing instructions before turning you over to the guides for the mushroom walks and hunts. I'll try to bring extra baskets and buckets for those folks taking airplanes to the Pacific Northwest, because, from experience, I know that trying to pack a basket is challenging.

If you would like to make a small mushroom farm to take home, please bring a clean, 2 liter plastic bottle (empty, but with a lid) of the type soda pop comes in. We will recycle this into an oyster mushroom farm. I will bring extras for the airplane travelers!

Hot Tub Tips
Bring slip on shoes and warm bathrobes for using the hot tubs and pools (it's hard to replace socks and hiking boots and tight blue jeans after using the tubs!) Bathing suits are optional and not usually worn. A flashlight helps to find the way back to the cabins after dark.

If you have any further concerns about the facility email the Breitenbush Conference center. Any questions about the conference you may email me at patrice.benson@attbi.com. I am looking forward to meeting you all and sharing mushroom stories, facts and food!

Cabin info and Bedding Rental
Breitenbush provides heated cabins with lights and beds covered by a clean fitted sheet. There are usually 3 beds per cabin (some bunk beds). Some cabins have one room; some have 2 with a toilet. You will be assigned a cabin by the Breitenbush staff. You will need to bring a sleeping bag or bedding. If you prefer not to bring your own bedding, or forget to bring it, you can rent bedding for $15 / bed, plus $20 refundable deposit. Deposit is returned upon return of bedding to the office. All cabins have sinks and some have toilets. There are separate sex bathrooms with toilets and showers with PLENTY of hot water! Please do not bring hairdryers or other heating appliances. BB captures power from the river and generates just enough electricity to run the lights and other small amp electrical devices. They are off the grid! 

No Telephone Use
We have only two unreliable radiophone lines to serve our business and community, so public access is limited to emergencies only. We are out of range for cellular phones. Please make all necessary calls from Detroit (10 miles from BB)on your way in.

Breitenbush Mailing List
We will automatically add your name to our mailing list unless you ask to not be put on the list. We respect your privacy by not selling, trading or sharing your name on our mailing list in any way.

Wheelchair Accessibility
Breitenbush has a limited number of wheelchair accessible rooms and cabins, and the workshop spaces in the lodge are accessible by ramp. However, our paths are unpaved gravel or packed earth, some are narrow, others are somewhat steeply inclined so some mobility is necessary to access the bathing areas and remote buildings. An assistant or companion is highly recommended.

Healing Arts at Breitenbush
90-minute sessions are $65. Reservations for Healing Arts can be made two weeks in advance. Full fee is required. If your cancel 48 hours or more prior to your appointment, we will issue you a credit voucher good for one year, less a $20 processing fee. If less than 48 hours notice is given your deposit is forfeit.

Prices Include:
All lectures, fieldtrips and mushroom events; Cabin, three delicious vegetarian meals per day, use of facilities, waters, and Daily Well Being Programs for the duration of your stay. There is no caffeine served at BB; you may bring your own: hot water is provided (I bring a French Press)

Guest cabin area

Soak Meadow Pool overlooking the river