Daedaleopsis sp. ? (see update below)

Update, November 30, 2007: With the help of Steve Trudell, I finally got the following information from his friend, Jim Ginns:

Your fuzzy polypore on cottonwood (that is its preferred host) is Coriolopsis trogii. The pale tissue/flesh and spores 9-12 um long distinguish it from the very similar C. gallica that has darker flesh and spores 10-16 um long. These are not really significant differences and I would not be surprised if someone showed the two were simply variants of the same species.

Cheers, Jim

Herman Brown 

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specimen #1

close-up of pores

close-up #2 of pores

section of cap showing pore tube length

specimen #2

close-up of cap

detail of cap hair

A younger one

A bunch

The area where they were found

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