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Herman Brown,

These newsletters are published about twice a year from Greenville, California, and, except for a few special issues, cover mushrooms from around that area.

In these and subsequent issues, I will be talking about the mushrooms found mostly between Chester and Quincy, in the Northern Sierras of California. I may include mushroom recipes, anecdotes, and will try to feature at least one locally available mushroom by linking to a page on the S. F. Bay Area website.

To aid in understanding some of the terms used in my newsletters and the Mykoweb website, I have included a glossary, which was copied, with permission, from the Mykoweb website.

I hope to get comments, favorite recipes, stories about memorable mushroom finds, and encourage anyone with a question about an unfamiliar mushroom to contact me. If possible, I will try to help you identify the mushroom and maybe include it in a future issue.

I can be reached at (530) 284-6241 (unless I am out hunting for mushrooms).

Herman Brown
541 Main Street
PO Box 65
Greenville CA 95947

I have included a map showing the area mostly covered in this newsletter. Click on the map image to see a larger map. Best viewed with the browser set for full screen.

Chester is on Highway 36 due east of Redbluff, CA and is in the northern-most tip of the California Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Greenville is about 23 miles south-east of Chester.

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